Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back To The Grind
Classixx, Golden Girls, & Nighty Max

Classixx delivers a new mix to Phoenix's Lisztomania that is excellent. The soft synth mix produced by the L.A. duo does well to compliment the original Phoenix vocals, even more so than the original, which is the first single off their forthcoming album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix set to be released May 26.09 in North America. Phoenix hits Toronto in June if any are interested. As for Classixx, they can be pretty hit or miss with me. However, this track below is no miss.

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Classixx Version) DMCA rbr

Next up we have one of the more familiar and popular faces on 317 resurfacing yet again. Golden Girls has had yet another dynamite rendition of Do The Criminal come out the past week that absolutely kills it. I'm still undecided with what remix speaks to me the most but the Tape Deck Bros. are contending for the top spot. This remix is disco'd out and guaranteed to have you moving. It's money and a must have.

Golden Girls - Do The Criminal (Tape Deck Bros. Remix)

Nighty Max is 100% new to me. Asian Dan introduced me to this a couple days ago and I can't seem to get enough. The man hailing from Barcelona creates a relatively simple yet infectious track in Flannel Tent. Through Max's significant other Rebecca, it appears he has also became involved or has some ties to another project entitled YALL. This is just a little speculation but be prepared for some solid things to come from Spain.

Nighty Max - Flannel Tent

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