Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its a Dance Your Pants Off:
DCUP, the C90's, Eli Escobar and Foamo

As I struggled to locate a worthy fifth track for this post, I realized that my gnarly week of downs and ups was providing insight; as mon pêre used to say, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" (what the fuck? - think - don't bite the hand that feeds you). Which is to say, I got lucky and in relation to the elusive fifth track; why push it. To reflect this turn of events, I present to you my lucky number: four (tracks to be shared). Onwards...

First up is DCUP (mad rhymes) from Sydney and he lays down a fresh remix for fellow Aussies damn arms. Its no surprise Aus. has got more rad talent pumpin' out awesome dance beats. This track in particular has a very French feel to it, dare I say reminiscent of Daft Punk, but a little more loungey (type house). Some of the voice samples are a little much, but the overall production is dopeness - classy shit. Hope you dig.

Destination Pt. I - Damn Arms (DCUP Remix)

Next up, from London, England, the C90's, and wow you should hit their my space. I am really diggin' on a few of their remixes, namely the Bell Remix, tons of funk and very hype. But, this time around, I have remix to Headman's track Dirt, which according to LA Friendly, Tiga was loving on his Podcast. In any event, these boys from London continue with their funky legacy - this track is guaranteed to make you want to move while standing, dare I say dance even.

Dirt - Headman (the C90's Remix - Edit)

Moving right along, both these tracks coming up tied for my top picks over the past week and a bit. The first of the two is a remix by Eli Escobar from NYC, boooo Yankees, my bad, but Burnett is a sell out (I know, that's enough). But yeah, the original track is done by clubfeet from Victoria, Australia and its pretty catchy and interesting, but kinda mellow. The remix, however, is really discoed out, with some splatters of house and added synth that echoes so perfectly your brain will melt (trust me you can recover).

The other gem of the week, as they both shall be called (sounds kinda epic/corny at the same time), is another remix by a fellow from High Wycombe in the UK, foamo is his name, and he has been garnering tons of attention over the last couple months and rightly so. This remix is by far my fav. of the ones by mr. foamo that I've heard thus far. Insane build up, and although La Roux is amazing enough on her own, the remix is insanity, I can't convey to you how gnarly this track is, not that the previous track isn't, 'cuz it is, but this one is on the same vein to be honest; a really classy yet dirty banger. Crunch this and you will dance your pants off... seariously.

La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)

Peace and Love.