Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I just wanted to through up a quick post to inform some Ottawa residents of a great show. 2 April, this Thursday Plants and Animals will be playing at OttawaU. Sorry about the short notice, I just found out myself. I have not heard of the other act Angela Desveaux. But I am checking her out as we speak.
I am shocked but exicted to hear about this ... cant wait, hope to see you there. OttawaU is doing something I actually will enjoy.

Cover is $5 and the venue is Cafe Alt.

Plants and Animals - Faerie Dance

Plants and Animals - Feedback in the Field

Plants and Animals - Bye Bye Bye

Plants and Animals - Good Friend

Monday, March 30, 2009

Freak Folk and Mustache Jokes.

Well it has been a little while since my last post, a combination of the fine weather and school work have strayed me away for my information super highway commitments. Anyways I am back and have a few tracks as well as some interesting news tidbits to post in reaction.

I know this isn’t really 317 bag when it comes to posts, but I thought this was interesting and may effect of the readers so I went and posted. This article is from Tiny Mix Tapes, a great site for music news of the sort. Check them out, give this a read especially if you buy music online.

Chinese Hack into iTunes’ Code And Sells Gift Cards for Low, Low Prices

China renewed its charm offensive on TMT readers this week with an audacious hacking of iTunes’ gift certificate algorithm. These upstanding Chinese citizens are now selling $200 gift cards on Taobao, a Chinese equivalent to eBay, for as little as $2.60. Using the site’s instant messaging platform, the buyer receives a gift voucher code from the seller that can then be used to redeem the card from a user’s iTunes account. The cards are also available in the U.S for around $43 on eBay.

The hacker’s craft is so brilliant that not only have they given Apple a fine kick in the teeth, but they’ve also posed a frustrating conundrum for those good-for-nothing capitalists. If Apple decides to change the gift voucher code generation algorithm, all of the cards available right now would become obsolete. Consequently, the only ones making money at this moment in time are the code sellers and the artists who still get paid when their music is downloaded from iTunes.

It’s been only a week since the Chinese government’s commendable decision to ban Oasis from playing dates in Shanghai and Beijing in April (TMT News) and now this ingenious nation delivers another slap in the face to shameless profiteers. Who ever said quasi-Communism doesn’t work?

Comrade Obama, start taking notes.

Posted by Brom on 03-13-2009

I want to show BEAT ELECTRIC some love. The continuity they have in posting quality tracks is unreal, keep up the good work. Copped this tune from them, and haven’t stopped listening to it at all. Just a slow burner with some real soul in it, Gwen McCrae really gets me going, please enjoy this badass tune. I had just finished watching Jackie Brown when I came across the bad boy and it would have fit perfectly into the sound track, but I digress.

Gwen McCrae – 90% of Me is You.

Moving on, I have been a huge fan of Devendra Banhart and the entirety of the “Freak Folk” revolution for quite some time now. I saw Devendra in Sept 2007 in Montreal and the show was unreal, he ran way over his time limit, played great alternative renditions of his album tracks, and simply, he was a showman.

Kevin Barker, member for Vetiver has made a documentary of the 2004 magic tour and it will be released soon. Breaking is camera out on a tour which included the likes of Banhart and Newsome, this documentary looks dope! I have included the teaser just to give you guys a little taster. I am quite excited to see this bad boy in full. The full length version will be presented at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 2 and 3.

I am not going to embed the video, just for the sake of speed and continuity. Nonetheless, enjoy.

The Family Jams Trailer – Kevin Barker

One my favorite things as a music listener are to stumble upon a song I can catch the sample in. This track has been used in one of my favorite hip-hop songs and is a banger in its self. Got a real slow soul vibe to it that might catch you off guard. I want to draw attention to the kicking bass line here. It has a pop jazz feel, are over the scales, with much repetition but also digression. I do not know too much about Galt Macdermont but I think I will be looking into him a little further and with any luck some of his other tracks are of the same caliber. Anyways without more yadda yaddas here is the track, enjoy.

Galt Macdermot – Ripped Open by Metal Explosion



Friday, March 27, 2009

Ripped on Reality:
Numéro#, Le Matos, Coeur de Pirate, Erobique, Electric Youth, Surkin and Chromeo
(consider it festively plump)

An interesting couple of days for new musical discoveries... To be brutally honest though, my love for all things disco/electro took a huge hit the other weekend (sorry for the dramatics); some good friends and I rallied together in Toronto to see Cut Copy @ Circa, on Friday, March 20th...

pictures donated by christina seguin

Two things for starters, firstly, we did not help ourselves by missing both the opening acts, Matt & Kim and Knightlife, entirely. Secondly, let it be known that I and the whole of the 317 crew have nothing but mad love for Cut Copy. That being said, Circa fucked up and totally screwed so many paying customers by totalling jamming the place, to what seemed way over capacity (or their legal capacity is played up like whoa!) and may have even turned fans into displeased listeneners that will tell their friends how whack Cut Copy was live. The thought alone makes me shudder.

I think its worth saying that Circa did not do Cut Copy justice. I have seen Cut Copy twice before in Toronto within a year and they were breathtaking, I almost cried.... Nah, but they were fucking amazing, and Circa has now tainted Cut Copy's image (in some peoples minds) in Toronto, a city that has nothing but love to give to a band that loves it right back, (I hope I am not speaking out of context on behalf of Cut Copy here).

Enough is enough, and on to not only a different topic, but a whole new language. Yes, it is true... c'est vrai! I love the French, and Numero# are certainly no exception. They hail from Montreal, Québec, and their track "Hit Pop" was featured on Kitsuné 4, to much dance floor acclaim.

Also, I recently came across a track to be released on their new album, Sport de combat (due out April 14th). The track off of Kitsuné 4 is, as redundant as it is to say, a great upbeat pop track that does not disappoint. The second is a little more aggressive, but disco permeates throughout in no time; fresh electric synthesizers, harmonic loops and crisp drums... dopeness:

Numero# - Hit Pop

Numero# - Tonton Klaxonne

And with it, a remix of an older song off their first album. The remix is done by fellow Québecers, Le Matos, who, to be honest with you, I don't know much about, yet. What I do know: they can throw down freshness on the dancefloor, remix specific - here is an example of their good vibes:

Numero# - Star Model (Le Matos Pointdexter Remix)

Le Matos lays it down again, this time with their Mtl friends, that dwell more in the folk scene I would say, Coeur de Pirate. I am a late bloomer on this track as it has been floating around the net for some time now. It displays deeper and more dark sounding synths that drive the beat of the track. Meanwhile, the vocals are almost eerily distant and innocent, haunting even, but, so soft and enchanting at the same time. This track is a gem to me, mad love.

Coeur de Pirate - Comme des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)

Something a little more different this time, a hop from Canada over to Germany, Hamburg more specifically, the home of Erobique. This is the first track I have heard by these peeps, and it is pretty radical. I want to say, think a minimal type of Siriusmo, with less disco and more funk. If that means nothing to you (my bad), I will have to do a post on Sirismo soon time, until then...

Eurobique - Endorphinmachine

Next up, don't worry almost done, our very good friends, Electric Youth, from West Hamilton and Toronto. They have just released their tour dates on their myspace, think Vienna and Paris for starters, say what!? These guys are unreal and the production is truly taking a step in a new direction. With the release of their new album comming up soon (so stoked), I think this may be a good hint as to what we can expect...oh my.

Electric Youth - Lying Still

Lastly (I know right?) is two well known names together, collaborating for your pleasure. From France, Surkin, the youthful house/electro prodigy, with Chromeo, one of the freshest sounds North of the US border. If you happen to be a fan of one of the two and aren't familiar with the other, I urge you, this combo is undeniable. Don't be shy here; play it loud and have fun.

Surkin ft Chromeo - Chrome Knight (Original Mix)

My bad for the banter as usual. Nab the tracks while they're still available and post up in the comments section, you know we love you! And thanks to Christina for the show pics!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mellow me out from Sydney, Australia

Fall into a mellow abyss with Seekae. I recently stumbled across the trio who hail from Sydney, Australia. They recently took a bit of a break to get their travel on in Europe. But no worries, they should be back by July. In the meantime they have planned some more sporadic releases to hit their myspace. If you like relaxin and chillin to these soft beats keep an eye out for them in the future.

Seekae - Wool (ft. Ivan Vizintin)

Seekae - Void

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wow, a week sure goes by quick when you're having a hella good time. 317 recently escaped to Toronto to see the stellar Cut Copy at circa and wow, more on that later. All in all, it's nice to be back in Ottawa but the inbox is full and there's lots to hear.

Hervé can be found dwelling in London, UK while occasionally hitting up the surrounding area. You may recognize his work under the side projects: The Count and The Count & Sinden, having produced and released for the labels Cheap Thrills, Domino, Loungin', and Dubsided. Both projects are unique and worthwhile checking out if you have that kind of time. If you don't check out these bangers below.

Herve - The Science of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)

Hervé drops some splashy, aggressive electro in The Science of Fear. I love the transitions from the flashy uptempo synth to the mellowness throughout the track. Definitely talented on the board, Hervé is about to show you what he's all about.

Fake Blood - Mars (Herve Re-Fix)

Hervé tosses up a delightful little rendition to Fake Blood's Mars that caught my attention (and judging by the activity across Hype I'm not alone). While this is not my favourite mix, and to be honest I prefer the original, it highlights a lot of the sampling capabilities Hervé possesses.

Herve - Cheap Thrills

My grade 4 history teacher would always recite, "you can't know where you're going, unless you know where you've been." Sometimes the same goes for music. Here is a little bit of a throwback pieced out of Michael Jackson's Thriller by Hervé. It can be a tad loopy in some areas but has some incredibly funked out rifts that can force the stiffest people to start bending those knees.

If you're in the mood for more, Hervé recently dropped a remix to Calvin Harris' I'm Not Alone.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i really, really do.

Demis Roussos was born in Egypt to ethnic Greek parents who later lost everything in the 1956 Suez Cris. After settling in Greece, Roussos started joining bands at the age of 17. In 1968 Demis joined Aphrodite's Child and gained success internationally with the progressive rock album 666. When Aphrodite's Child disbanded, Demis continued with a solo career. Recording sporadically throughout the 1970s he created a disco record in 1977 entitled Magic and a self-titled LP the following year. This track comes from the French 7" of Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour where it is a B side. Much love goes out to beatelectric for keeping it trendy. Demis throws it down hard here, what a track.

Demis Roussos - I Dig You

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hip to the Vibe:
More Parallels, with TMDP and Fred Falke

Well, well, well, I feel as though its time for a great ol' big fuckin' post, but first, a couple interesting items in the 317 news for ya...

First off, belated happy St. Patrick's Day to all you hungover students and people who had to work today, we here at 317 totally respect the commitment to one of the most festive events of the year.

As you guys may know we did a post a little while ago on an upcoming show featuring Parallels, Golden Girls and Dj Raiz, hosted by Gnarty Parly @ the Casbah Lounge, in Hamilton, Ontario, on St. Patrick's Day-night (which you can find right here). Well not only was it Gnarty Parly's first ever event and the Parallels EP release party, it was also a bangin' St. Patty's day dance party blow-out. In short, last night went off in dope and fresh style, about 90 people showed up and danced the beautiful and drunken evening away.

A little extra juicy rumour, well its more funny than anything; since Parallels have just started performing live (the St. Patty's day show in Hamilton was only their fourth show as Parallels) and word on the street is, after Parallels was finished their set, (they were the last to perform) a random dude in the crowd started clapping and chanting, 'encore', 'encore', etc., and soon enough the whole place was up in arms cheering for more music from Parallels.

Perhaps at first glance none of this may seem out of place to you, but it was literally Parallels first ever encore they have ever received while playing shows and it was Hamiltron, of all places, to give it to 'em! The super funny part is there was no encore in the end, because as Parallels is still so new, by the end of their performance, they had literally played all the songs they actually have, how gnarly is that?! So no encore in the end, which is too bad, but the idea was there and furthermore, their is no question in my mind; Hamilton showed some serious love to Parallels and held it down. Call me corny, but I am so proud to be from Hamiltron, right now, hahaha... unreal.

So in honour of Hamilton coming out in great attendance and with dance shoes ready (big thanks goes out to Disco Dust for posting these gems!), I have some dope new, and one old, Parallels tracks to share with you. Also, Parallels just set up their new website: Parallels.fm, which is really hip and it serves as a more direct and personalized medium for you to check one of Toronto's most superb electro/dance acts. So scoop these tracks while their hot and enjoy some 80's influenced electronic bliss:

Moving right along, so yeah I've been sitting thinking about all the dope tracks that I thought I wanted to post up today and I got caught up checking out new shit in the meantime, fuckin' hell. Anyways, after some mad searching throughout the blog world, I have some truly delectable dance tunes to dish out, I am actually excited!? (weird).

Off the top, I have an overdew post for ya on Toronto's own Jeffrey Addison and Gavin Rough, otherwise known as, TMDP. These guys are so hot right now its not even funny. They just dropped their alblum last week, the self titled "TMDP", and apparently shit hit the fan at the album release party, and while that may sound bad, it truly was a great party; TMDP showered their synthesized love vibes all over the crowd that night and the result: one hype ass party yo! The two original tracks I included below are pretty radical, "sex drive" is a quirky, slightly slower-moving, based out electro jam, pretty funky too though and "TMDP" has a really gradual, synthed out, build up, but its a really lovely track that entrances you with its melodic electronic rhythm, don't worry though it turns into a little disco funk jam in the end, and classy as shit too.

After that, TMDP remixed a track, "Bass Live" by fellow Torontonian and 317 personal favourite, Dj Barletta. This track should come with a warning: "caution this track insights violent and aggressive drinking mixed with people claiming they are having, "Too much fucking fun!"".

And lastly from the TMDP boys is another dope remix, this time by another local Toronto group vitaminsforyou (show some myspace love to these dudes). The song is titled, "B4U", which once again, TMDP has thoroughly blessed with thier magic touch.

vitaminsforyou - B4U (TMDP remix)

And to close up this post with and 'ender-ender', we have the always glorious Fred Falke. I love this dude, him and Braxe are geniuses in my books, and it really seems like since Falke did that dope remix to "Golden Cage" by The Whitest Boy Alive, he has been wreckin' shit lately. Surely I have been talking for long enough and this track needs no introduction, that being said, VHS or Beta are pretty enjoyable as awlays and Falke lays down remix gold. The build up is a little stretched out, just shy of 2 min., but when the real beat breaks out and then the vocals for the chorus drops, oh my is it fun. As in, "its a gloriously bright, warm day out and I get to walk around in the down town with my sun sunnies on, in a t-shirt and this track in my headphones? Fuck yeah!" You should be stoked. so enjoy.

VHS Or BETA - Burn It All Down (Fred Falke remix)

Also, in reference to some whack links and Imeem links (which only let you stream the track live) which were still lingering have now been fixed; they were changed to the Media Fire format (right click the link and select "open in new tab", hit up the new link to download that shit!), which we have made standard, you can check out the fixed up post, which is on my favourite tracks from Cut Copy's bodacious mix So Cosmic, right here.
Peace and Love.

p.s. I fully realize this may be considered desperate, but I'll be honest, we love to read what our readers think of the site and the music, not to mention broken links, so let us know whats up; post up some comments for us. thanks a bunch from me (erger) and all of the 317 crew...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New Music: March, wk 11
with Get Famous!

Get Famous! consist of JNL and Aaron Ives representing Winnipeg, Manitoba. I ran across them surfing the local blogs (see links on right) and hypemachine. The Canadian duo have created something outstanding in the track entitled, "Slip Away." It throws me back to the vibes which Bot'Ox "Grand Central" used to give to me when I first heard it. "Slip Away" lives up to its name tossing up a dreamy electro trip. It's sick to see Canadian music showing some serious potential lately. Fucking eh.

Get Famous! - Slip Away

(to anyone who has never heard the much older Bot'Ox)

Bot'Ox - Grand Central

Friday, March 13, 2009

(repost from March 10.09)

Late nights are more than often my most creative and productive time, vigorously sifting through both EBay and Craigslist for records and that rare instrument deal. Other than that, when every young professional is getting their shit together for work, I am rocking out hard to some tunes I have come across while burning that midnight oil. While waiting for torrents to finish up and spreading my collection of CDs and records arrogantly across my bedroom, I have come across a couple bangers I would love to share.

Tru Thoughts Records and the artists which reside on their label are doing some great things. Although recently much hasn’t been done, the past will not be forgotten by this heavy head. Firstly we got some collaboration and pure gold by our friend Quantic. Going by the name of The Limp Twins, the sound of Funk, Dub, R&B, and Soul come together quite nicely and really pump a smooth vibe. Just take a listen to these couple tracks and tell me you don’t dig hard. Please enjoy these two as much as I do.

This track in particular gets things going for me …

Next on the chopping block, another Tru Thoughts beauty this time by the name of Kinny. Kinny being the neo-soul phenom that she is gets together with many of her TT companions to create some real soulful tracks. Again, I just put up a couple of tracks for you folks to catch which will hopefully inspire some further research on your own part. These are just great late night tracks to get the mind flowing, please enjoy.

Being as I cannot seem to get enough of Tru Thoughts I thought I would through up a few more for ya …

Belleruche - Bought and Sold (DMCA rbr)

Belleruche - It'll Come (DMCA rbr)

Lately my head is been entirely focused toward the sweet sound of soul and funk. While there is new stuff floating around this device we call the Information Super Highway one cannot deny the roots of the past. Confined to the internet and the par record shops here in the Capital I have managed to scoop up some bangers. Below I have found some classic tracks I would love to spread the word on. Great instrumentals, great vocals, and above all great Horns, I do not have too much say much more that. Keep digging in those crates for those forgotten gems and dusty classics, nothing beats a great find.

Head Band - War On The Streets (DMCA rbr)

Pleasure Web - Music Man (pt 1 & 2) (DMCA rbr)

The Darktaris - Eltsuhg Labl lasiti (DMCA rbr)

Eric Hines - Our Generation (DMCA rbr)

Ha, just stumbled upon this track … apparently Asher Roth is a “blogger” favorite, but I must be to removed from the scene to grip this fellow. Anyways … I thought this song was kind of dope for a couple of listens, damn do I love novelty rap. Hopefully this will grace my "Partay" playlist <:0) HA!

In trying to find some information on Treasure Fingers himself, all I came across was some shotty homepages and an ad filled MySpace page. Nonetheless, some great stuff here. Some really groovy remixes to feast upon. Jump in.

The Death Set – Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There is something to be said for real instruments. The smooth bass licks, guitar riffs and banging drum lines cannot be beat by their electronic counter part. I know I might catch some flak for this statement, but my conviction remains concrete. In all modern music, the process of production and the reassessment on the behalf of the sound engineer seem to leave out that sense of imperfection and in my opinion the true authenticity of music. No means of listening to music has the same appeal as that of a live show. Crowd reaction, atmosphere, artistic variations all contribute to the appeal of not only a live show but also the music itself. New recording equipment and professionals might make the music sound “better” but you in essence you can lose the imperfections of not only in voice but also instruments, which in my opinion is the beauty of music. The spontaneity the occurs during the creating and recording processes. My arguments can continue in the way people listen to music as well. The hills and valleys of vinyl records have been replaced by the ones and zeros of digital music. While the sound quality is often arguable, I prefer the sense of nostalgia and authenticity found the black grooves of a record vs. the click of a mouse. While I am guilty of hypocrisies as I am an advent digital user I thought I would make a point here and profess my opinion and love of vinyl and physical instruments. Anyways I just needed a medium to project my opinion and well, here it is for those that actually read my often problematic entries.

This break was hiding in my collection. It is a little intense at first, with a hard congo line but some string rhythm breaks in after a while and just destroys it! This track has got some serious funk to it. I would be surprised after a couple of listens if you do not start dancing a little yourself. Don’t know too much about the African Music Machine, beside their dope name and this dope track but I will be looking into more of their stuff and hopefully some bangers will be discovered. I am a little weary about the way in which the track ends and leads me to believe that my copy is cut short but other than that, bukka! what a beauty. Breaks have been a mysterious pleasure of mine, I don’t know too much about them and I am not sure how the genre really came about besides their use in break dancing, but when I come across one JIMMENY, look out. Please enjoy this bad boy, I know I have!

African Music Machine – Disco Congo

When I was back in the great city of Toronto on Christmas break I had found myself on a bit of dig in the trendiest area of town I could find, the Queen and Spadina junction. I am just going to spread the word on a couple of Record and CD shops in the area to give em some love and respect and hopefully some ideas if you find yourself in Toronto. Firstly, the classic scene shop Rotate This. Although the staff can often be snotty and pretentious they have a great selection of Records and CDs both new and used, great shop if you know what you are looking for or simply are digging. Penguin Records on the other hand has a great selection of jazz records with the odd overlooked deal; Penguin also has a dope selection of new “indie” records to choose from. Penguin moved recently to a new location which I often get lost finding so bare with me. Anyways the point of this paragraph was the mention Cosmos Records a great soul/funk/blues shop with two locations of equal value. The guy that works at the Queen location knows what he is doing and had some serious knowledge. I had picked up on impulse a record he had mentioned to me, The Ramsey Lewis Trio – Upendo Nipamoja. Very reasonably priced, and worth every penny spent. The art work looks like a hastily bought birthday card from your Aunt and Uncle on their way to your party. So I was a little weary of my purchase until I got home and heard what was on the record. The track I have made available is smoother than peanut butter, enough said.

Got a little something else that you might enjoy if you dig on Ramsey Lewis, a little more upbeat in a way, but is smooth as hell.

This track is a bit of a mystery to me as well. A track by an artist (or a group I am unsure) by the name of the Baltimore Beat Connection. This remix of Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Lose Your Lover is killer. BBC employs the classic drum line from the original track that overtime has become infamous over its time and a sped up rendition of Simon’s vocal track. Take a listen for yourselves and hopefully I can gather some more information about this bad boy. Please if anyone has any other tracks including the Baltimore Beat Connection let me know, send them my way, inform me, and do something ha! I simply cannot seem to find anything. Here is the sole track I have come in contact with so please enjoy.

Baltimore Beat Connection - 50 Ways

Just Playing Catch-Up

The past week we have neglected some stuff we shouldn't have. We apologize. We offer these "forgotten" songs as tribute.

DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Boys 8-Bit Remix)

I have had this remix to DJ Mujava for just over a week now. My copy was in rough shape, low quality and therefore was very quiet with a loooong fade-in (30 secs). I attempted to tweak this version a bit to get the acoustics a little bit louder. Once I did it was masterful. Boys 8-Bit sound like a combination between the Crookers and Digitalism with a raw, wicked synth. However!!! wait for it- give it some time to warm up in it's interlude.

The Teenagers - Feeling Better (Build Remix)

This song has been tossed and turned since early '08. However, I think this Build remix finally hit the spot I was looking for in The Teenagers. A great track to waste the night away with, whatever the mood.

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (A-Trak Extended Dub)

As part of A-Trak's promotional countdown to his new release Infinity+1 on March 31, he has released an extended dub version of Sebastien Tellier's "Kilometer." it's GOLD.

Lykke Li -Little Bit (Death To The Throne Remix)

This track is awesome. Death To The Throne added some bass to one of the more softer, captivating tracks within Lykke Li's history. However, this is a really old throwback. It's still a product of 2009- put probably mid January.... my baaaaad.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Local Love:
Golden Girls and the 84.85

I truly hate to make people worry, but concern yourself with this: how can pop music be great and something along the lines of "shock-rock disco jock", at the same time (in the deep voice of Rahzel, the Godfather of Noise). No worries, because the answer has come to me in a glorious dream; Golden Girls, a name that was mentioned here about a week ago, is a one man show in Mats Vlahovich and he has come to save us all from these obscure and mostly meaningless musical questions.

Basing himself out of Toronto, Mats makes music which has its roots, from what I can tell, in eighties' pop, synthesized out with some crafty kicks and snares. Is it Danceable? Fuck yeah. Hype enough? Oh my, yes. Whats more is that apparently the Golden Girls Ep, XOXO, which was originally scheduled for release in April, has now been moved up to come out in March (check myspace for details).

As a quick 'aside', I implore you to take a chance if you haven't already and go with your instincts on the Designer Drugs remix. In the event you don't know who I am speaking of, I apologize for this senseless banter, but I really encourage you to check out the myspace link I included above. So enough of my jabbering and on with the goods:

Golden Girls - Big League
Golden Girls - Do the Criminal
Golden Girls - Do the Criminal (Designer Drugs Remix)

Next up are fellow Torontonians, on the more electro-rap tip which we love here at 317, the 84.85. They are three: Cassius, Jay 84 and T, and damn, they now how drop dope beats and "break in mic stands" (emphasis added to MF Doom quote; another bad habit of mine exposed).

In any case, these dudes are rad as fuck, so hit 'em up. Oh, and the remix by DJ Barletta, another native of Toronto (more to come on him soon), is straight dirty-fun that instills visions of drunkenness and vibes of all out dancey goodness. This is not to say, however, that the originals and the remix by the 84.85 included below are not dope in their own right, so enjoy more tastiness:

the 84.84 - Breathe
the 84.85 - Don't Worry
the 84.85 - Don't Worry (DJ Barletta Remix)
DJ Barletta - Bass Live (84.85 Remix)

So that about does it, hopefully you enjoy the beats and there will be more to come on everyone mentioned above sooner than later. In the words of one of the wisest people of which I have ever had the pleasure of making acquaintance, "Keep your fuckin' game tight", and as always, peace and love.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The New Music: March. wk 10
with Tigersapien, Tesla Boy & Kris Menace

We pause to bring yet another installment of the weekly noisemakers. New York's Tigersapien are catching a lot of attention over the net with a number of new tracks rolling in. One that particularly caught my attention was the "God Knows (Kolt13 - Pornostream Remix)" I stumbled across. I checked out the orig and while they're are a few changes and differences, both tracks knocked my socks off. The sporadic baseline and rhythmics in this remix made it the winner of today's post.

Tigersapien - God Knows (Kolt13 - Pornostream Remix)

I'll come out straight and admit I have a bit of a bias towards Tesla Boy. The very fact that he is operating out of Moscow and making some sweet vibes there screams awesome. I find Russia and Russian history extremely fascinating- but that's neither here nor there and I will stay on topic. Tesla Boy explores keys, bass, and drums to create some mellow, really vibed-out stuff.

Tesla Boy - Neon Love

Tesla Boy - Spirit Of The Night

Veteran French-house musician Kris Menace is releasing a huge 3-disc collection (37 track special) of his own work that features the old, the new, and some colabs/remixes. The compilation "Idiosyncrasies” is expected to drop in April off his own label Compuphonic. With any luck we'll have some tracks to showcase leading up to the release, but to hold you over for now check these beauts. It also helps when you're in the know with French legend Fred Falke.

Kris Menace - Poesie

Kris Menace ft. Fred Falke - Enamoured

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A-Trak is baaaaack!

A-Trak's new disc Infinity+1 is out on March 31st and we couldn't be more excited. He's released an album teaser that is nothing but sick. It highlights a lot of the very best that hit the speakers last year and of course he stamps it with his own unique sound. Not only talented in producing and mixing, he's also innovative in marketing. A-Trak devised a new countdown website that drops something noteworthy each day by some dope affiliated artist until his new album drops. Why wouldn't you want to update yourself each day? Check the site and while you do check out the teaser. A-Trak is baaaaack!!!!

A-Trak - Infinity+1 Teaser
Calvin Harris + N.C.Y.

Calvin Harris dropped "I'm not alone" earlier this year. I'm not going to lie I was a bit hesitant after the first listen mainly because it strays far beyond the Calvin Harris we all are used to. Thankfully I smartened up after a couple listens, took my shades off and saw the gold beneath. If you don't feel it the first time, give it a second- you may just be happy you did.

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (DMCA rbr)

Savannah Waves by N.C.Y. (Not Cool Yet) only took one listen. It's a demo instrumental I came across the other day on BigStereo. Not Cool Yet appear to be almost half a year old and yet they seem to have mastered soft synth. They have only released two demo's to the public but each make their own individual statement. Lots of potential coming out of Australia!

N.C.Y. (not cool yet) - Savannah Waves (320 KBS)


The Stills - Being Here (Mansion Remix) (DMCA rbr)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gentlemen Thieves

We were lucky enough to have a few tracks dropped to us by New York's own Gentlemen Thieves. They have been producing music for a little over two years but decided only last September to release them via MySpace. We're happy they did. "Wild Card" and "Magic" showcase the wide variety Thieves produce. "Wild Card" is an instrumental which houses various elements and techniques. Rhythm and tempo are always in motion throughout the track. The sporadic use of sounds moving in and out create a mash-up mix of goodness! "Magic" tosses in variations of what embodies much of the electro, pop, and dance scene currently. Catchy and captivating lyrics with a special Gentlemen Thieves magic makes it a simple track to mix and keep the dance floor moving. We don't want to spoil all the fun as more can be found via their MySpace. So check em out and throw them some love. Hope you enjoy!

Gentlemen Thieves - Wild Card

Gentlemen Thieves - Magic

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Greetings all, off the bat, I owe some peeps mad apologies as I have been seriously out of touch with the blog world for the past two weeks. Although I don't truly believe in catching up, in the sense of the internet, that is neither here nor there.

So looking slightly ahead on your calendar's, to everybody's favourite March holiday, the almighty and festive St. Patrick's day. Well this year, on March 17th, 317's best mates, GNARTY PARLY, holdin' down Hamilton, Ontario, and beyond, are throwing a St. Patrick's day (really its at night) dance party @ the Casbah Lounge. Headlining the show are none other than Toronto's finest, Parallels and at their side, local heroes, the Golden Girls, accompanied by CFMU 93.3 (McMaster University Radio Station) In the Cut fame, DJ RAYZ (more to come on him soon). Oh wow... I am definitely beyond excited or stoked, perhaps cosmically amped, or something along those inter galactic lines... I think its fair to say this event is going to be a boat load of fun, trust me, I grew up next to a fuckin' harbour, shit is crazy. check the delicious poster:

So to give all those a little sample of the Parallels, which consists of Cameron Findlay and Holly Dodson, who make lovely, sometimes dark, dance music, synthesized out in wonderful and glorious fashion, which has an entrancing vibe to keep your ears and body hooked and happy. Take a listen to these treats, and show some myspace love to the Golden Girls, as we have yet to acquire their dope tracks we so desperately seek. no worries though, patience is a virtue. the goods:

For info on the show, check the GNARTY PARLY myspace. From Ottawa, with mad peace and love, to Hamilton, peep the illest post card ever:

p.s.p.s. - sorry about the broken links, I believe they have been fixed this time, so pick 'em up while they're hot!!