Sunday, March 8, 2009

The New Music: March. wk 10
with Tigersapien, Tesla Boy & Kris Menace

We pause to bring yet another installment of the weekly noisemakers. New York's Tigersapien are catching a lot of attention over the net with a number of new tracks rolling in. One that particularly caught my attention was the "God Knows (Kolt13 - Pornostream Remix)" I stumbled across. I checked out the orig and while they're are a few changes and differences, both tracks knocked my socks off. The sporadic baseline and rhythmics in this remix made it the winner of today's post.

Tigersapien - God Knows (Kolt13 - Pornostream Remix)

I'll come out straight and admit I have a bit of a bias towards Tesla Boy. The very fact that he is operating out of Moscow and making some sweet vibes there screams awesome. I find Russia and Russian history extremely fascinating- but that's neither here nor there and I will stay on topic. Tesla Boy explores keys, bass, and drums to create some mellow, really vibed-out stuff.

Tesla Boy - Neon Love

Tesla Boy - Spirit Of The Night

Veteran French-house musician Kris Menace is releasing a huge 3-disc collection (37 track special) of his own work that features the old, the new, and some colabs/remixes. The compilation "Idiosyncrasies” is expected to drop in April off his own label Compuphonic. With any luck we'll have some tracks to showcase leading up to the release, but to hold you over for now check these beauts. It also helps when you're in the know with French legend Fred Falke.

Kris Menace - Poesie

Kris Menace ft. Fred Falke - Enamoured

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