Monday, March 30, 2009

Freak Folk and Mustache Jokes.

Well it has been a little while since my last post, a combination of the fine weather and school work have strayed me away for my information super highway commitments. Anyways I am back and have a few tracks as well as some interesting news tidbits to post in reaction.

I know this isn’t really 317 bag when it comes to posts, but I thought this was interesting and may effect of the readers so I went and posted. This article is from Tiny Mix Tapes, a great site for music news of the sort. Check them out, give this a read especially if you buy music online.

Chinese Hack into iTunes’ Code And Sells Gift Cards for Low, Low Prices

China renewed its charm offensive on TMT readers this week with an audacious hacking of iTunes’ gift certificate algorithm. These upstanding Chinese citizens are now selling $200 gift cards on Taobao, a Chinese equivalent to eBay, for as little as $2.60. Using the site’s instant messaging platform, the buyer receives a gift voucher code from the seller that can then be used to redeem the card from a user’s iTunes account. The cards are also available in the U.S for around $43 on eBay.

The hacker’s craft is so brilliant that not only have they given Apple a fine kick in the teeth, but they’ve also posed a frustrating conundrum for those good-for-nothing capitalists. If Apple decides to change the gift voucher code generation algorithm, all of the cards available right now would become obsolete. Consequently, the only ones making money at this moment in time are the code sellers and the artists who still get paid when their music is downloaded from iTunes.

It’s been only a week since the Chinese government’s commendable decision to ban Oasis from playing dates in Shanghai and Beijing in April (TMT News) and now this ingenious nation delivers another slap in the face to shameless profiteers. Who ever said quasi-Communism doesn’t work?

Comrade Obama, start taking notes.

Posted by Brom on 03-13-2009

I want to show BEAT ELECTRIC some love. The continuity they have in posting quality tracks is unreal, keep up the good work. Copped this tune from them, and haven’t stopped listening to it at all. Just a slow burner with some real soul in it, Gwen McCrae really gets me going, please enjoy this badass tune. I had just finished watching Jackie Brown when I came across the bad boy and it would have fit perfectly into the sound track, but I digress.

Gwen McCrae – 90% of Me is You.

Moving on, I have been a huge fan of Devendra Banhart and the entirety of the “Freak Folk” revolution for quite some time now. I saw Devendra in Sept 2007 in Montreal and the show was unreal, he ran way over his time limit, played great alternative renditions of his album tracks, and simply, he was a showman.

Kevin Barker, member for Vetiver has made a documentary of the 2004 magic tour and it will be released soon. Breaking is camera out on a tour which included the likes of Banhart and Newsome, this documentary looks dope! I have included the teaser just to give you guys a little taster. I am quite excited to see this bad boy in full. The full length version will be presented at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 2 and 3.

I am not going to embed the video, just for the sake of speed and continuity. Nonetheless, enjoy.

The Family Jams Trailer – Kevin Barker

One my favorite things as a music listener are to stumble upon a song I can catch the sample in. This track has been used in one of my favorite hip-hop songs and is a banger in its self. Got a real slow soul vibe to it that might catch you off guard. I want to draw attention to the kicking bass line here. It has a pop jazz feel, are over the scales, with much repetition but also digression. I do not know too much about Galt Macdermont but I think I will be looking into him a little further and with any luck some of his other tracks are of the same caliber. Anyways without more yadda yaddas here is the track, enjoy.

Galt Macdermot – Ripped Open by Metal Explosion



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