Friday, March 27, 2009

Ripped on Reality:
Numéro#, Le Matos, Coeur de Pirate, Erobique, Electric Youth, Surkin and Chromeo
(consider it festively plump)

An interesting couple of days for new musical discoveries... To be brutally honest though, my love for all things disco/electro took a huge hit the other weekend (sorry for the dramatics); some good friends and I rallied together in Toronto to see Cut Copy @ Circa, on Friday, March 20th...

pictures donated by christina seguin

Two things for starters, firstly, we did not help ourselves by missing both the opening acts, Matt & Kim and Knightlife, entirely. Secondly, let it be known that I and the whole of the 317 crew have nothing but mad love for Cut Copy. That being said, Circa fucked up and totally screwed so many paying customers by totalling jamming the place, to what seemed way over capacity (or their legal capacity is played up like whoa!) and may have even turned fans into displeased listeneners that will tell their friends how whack Cut Copy was live. The thought alone makes me shudder.

I think its worth saying that Circa did not do Cut Copy justice. I have seen Cut Copy twice before in Toronto within a year and they were breathtaking, I almost cried.... Nah, but they were fucking amazing, and Circa has now tainted Cut Copy's image (in some peoples minds) in Toronto, a city that has nothing but love to give to a band that loves it right back, (I hope I am not speaking out of context on behalf of Cut Copy here).

Enough is enough, and on to not only a different topic, but a whole new language. Yes, it is true... c'est vrai! I love the French, and Numero# are certainly no exception. They hail from Montreal, Québec, and their track "Hit Pop" was featured on Kitsuné 4, to much dance floor acclaim.

Also, I recently came across a track to be released on their new album, Sport de combat (due out April 14th). The track off of Kitsuné 4 is, as redundant as it is to say, a great upbeat pop track that does not disappoint. The second is a little more aggressive, but disco permeates throughout in no time; fresh electric synthesizers, harmonic loops and crisp drums... dopeness:

Numero# - Hit Pop

Numero# - Tonton Klaxonne

And with it, a remix of an older song off their first album. The remix is done by fellow Québecers, Le Matos, who, to be honest with you, I don't know much about, yet. What I do know: they can throw down freshness on the dancefloor, remix specific - here is an example of their good vibes:

Numero# - Star Model (Le Matos Pointdexter Remix)

Le Matos lays it down again, this time with their Mtl friends, that dwell more in the folk scene I would say, Coeur de Pirate. I am a late bloomer on this track as it has been floating around the net for some time now. It displays deeper and more dark sounding synths that drive the beat of the track. Meanwhile, the vocals are almost eerily distant and innocent, haunting even, but, so soft and enchanting at the same time. This track is a gem to me, mad love.

Coeur de Pirate - Comme des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)

Something a little more different this time, a hop from Canada over to Germany, Hamburg more specifically, the home of Erobique. This is the first track I have heard by these peeps, and it is pretty radical. I want to say, think a minimal type of Siriusmo, with less disco and more funk. If that means nothing to you (my bad), I will have to do a post on Sirismo soon time, until then...

Eurobique - Endorphinmachine

Next up, don't worry almost done, our very good friends, Electric Youth, from West Hamilton and Toronto. They have just released their tour dates on their myspace, think Vienna and Paris for starters, say what!? These guys are unreal and the production is truly taking a step in a new direction. With the release of their new album comming up soon (so stoked), I think this may be a good hint as to what we can expect...oh my.

Electric Youth - Lying Still

Lastly (I know right?) is two well known names together, collaborating for your pleasure. From France, Surkin, the youthful house/electro prodigy, with Chromeo, one of the freshest sounds North of the US border. If you happen to be a fan of one of the two and aren't familiar with the other, I urge you, this combo is undeniable. Don't be shy here; play it loud and have fun.

Surkin ft Chromeo - Chrome Knight (Original Mix)

My bad for the banter as usual. Nab the tracks while they're still available and post up in the comments section, you know we love you! And thanks to Christina for the show pics!


  1. sick post ergs, thx for dropping the chromeo track. its about time something newish pops up from them- the old stuff just isn't clicking with me anymore. its sick to hear they still have it.

    oh and if anyone else reads this... cut copy is brilliant. if you saw them at circa don't let it deter you at all. minus being tossed around like a ball at the beach, it was a hella good time. thanks to the hamilton/toronto crew that helped out with all the arrangements.

  2. numero#=$
    that surkin track is awesome, he's playing a show at wrongbar may 2nd, we should hit that up

  3. ps. bronwyn and austin garrick are electric youth? i had no idea, thats sick

  4. erges ... just posting so you feel great in am when you read this .... 4 comments BUKKA

  5. 5 Comments
    Love you guys. Keep up the good work
    -Gnarty Parly

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  7. correction : too many sebastians

  8. Enjoyed that new Chromeo track, everything they come out with is funky fresh.

  9. ATTN: 317 electro...I'm sure you all know the track "take on me" by A-Ha, and I know you guys are fans of the Twelves as well. Anywho, they just dropped a remix of it, its on hypem, absolutely fantastic ahaha