Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hip to the Vibe:
More Parallels, with TMDP and Fred Falke

Well, well, well, I feel as though its time for a great ol' big fuckin' post, but first, a couple interesting items in the 317 news for ya...

First off, belated happy St. Patrick's Day to all you hungover students and people who had to work today, we here at 317 totally respect the commitment to one of the most festive events of the year.

As you guys may know we did a post a little while ago on an upcoming show featuring Parallels, Golden Girls and Dj Raiz, hosted by Gnarty Parly @ the Casbah Lounge, in Hamilton, Ontario, on St. Patrick's Day-night (which you can find right here). Well not only was it Gnarty Parly's first ever event and the Parallels EP release party, it was also a bangin' St. Patty's day dance party blow-out. In short, last night went off in dope and fresh style, about 90 people showed up and danced the beautiful and drunken evening away.

A little extra juicy rumour, well its more funny than anything; since Parallels have just started performing live (the St. Patty's day show in Hamilton was only their fourth show as Parallels) and word on the street is, after Parallels was finished their set, (they were the last to perform) a random dude in the crowd started clapping and chanting, 'encore', 'encore', etc., and soon enough the whole place was up in arms cheering for more music from Parallels.

Perhaps at first glance none of this may seem out of place to you, but it was literally Parallels first ever encore they have ever received while playing shows and it was Hamiltron, of all places, to give it to 'em! The super funny part is there was no encore in the end, because as Parallels is still so new, by the end of their performance, they had literally played all the songs they actually have, how gnarly is that?! So no encore in the end, which is too bad, but the idea was there and furthermore, their is no question in my mind; Hamilton showed some serious love to Parallels and held it down. Call me corny, but I am so proud to be from Hamiltron, right now, hahaha... unreal.

So in honour of Hamilton coming out in great attendance and with dance shoes ready (big thanks goes out to Disco Dust for posting these gems!), I have some dope new, and one old, Parallels tracks to share with you. Also, Parallels just set up their new website:, which is really hip and it serves as a more direct and personalized medium for you to check one of Toronto's most superb electro/dance acts. So scoop these tracks while their hot and enjoy some 80's influenced electronic bliss:

Moving right along, so yeah I've been sitting thinking about all the dope tracks that I thought I wanted to post up today and I got caught up checking out new shit in the meantime, fuckin' hell. Anyways, after some mad searching throughout the blog world, I have some truly delectable dance tunes to dish out, I am actually excited!? (weird).

Off the top, I have an overdew post for ya on Toronto's own Jeffrey Addison and Gavin Rough, otherwise known as, TMDP. These guys are so hot right now its not even funny. They just dropped their alblum last week, the self titled "TMDP", and apparently shit hit the fan at the album release party, and while that may sound bad, it truly was a great party; TMDP showered their synthesized love vibes all over the crowd that night and the result: one hype ass party yo! The two original tracks I included below are pretty radical, "sex drive" is a quirky, slightly slower-moving, based out electro jam, pretty funky too though and "TMDP" has a really gradual, synthed out, build up, but its a really lovely track that entrances you with its melodic electronic rhythm, don't worry though it turns into a little disco funk jam in the end, and classy as shit too.

After that, TMDP remixed a track, "Bass Live" by fellow Torontonian and 317 personal favourite, Dj Barletta. This track should come with a warning: "caution this track insights violent and aggressive drinking mixed with people claiming they are having, "Too much fucking fun!"".

And lastly from the TMDP boys is another dope remix, this time by another local Toronto group vitaminsforyou (show some myspace love to these dudes). The song is titled, "B4U", which once again, TMDP has thoroughly blessed with thier magic touch.

vitaminsforyou - B4U (TMDP remix)

And to close up this post with and 'ender-ender', we have the always glorious Fred Falke. I love this dude, him and Braxe are geniuses in my books, and it really seems like since Falke did that dope remix to "Golden Cage" by The Whitest Boy Alive, he has been wreckin' shit lately. Surely I have been talking for long enough and this track needs no introduction, that being said, VHS or Beta are pretty enjoyable as awlays and Falke lays down remix gold. The build up is a little stretched out, just shy of 2 min., but when the real beat breaks out and then the vocals for the chorus drops, oh my is it fun. As in, "its a gloriously bright, warm day out and I get to walk around in the down town with my sun sunnies on, in a t-shirt and this track in my headphones? Fuck yeah!" You should be stoked. so enjoy.

VHS Or BETA - Burn It All Down (Fred Falke remix)

Also, in reference to some whack links and Imeem links (which only let you stream the track live) which were still lingering have now been fixed; they were changed to the Media Fire format (right click the link and select "open in new tab", hit up the new link to download that shit!), which we have made standard, you can check out the fixed up post, which is on my favourite tracks from Cut Copy's bodacious mix So Cosmic, right here.
Peace and Love.

p.s. I fully realize this may be considered desperate, but I'll be honest, we love to read what our readers think of the site and the music, not to mention broken links, so let us know whats up; post up some comments for us. thanks a bunch from me (erger) and all of the 317 crew...

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  1. Dope post erger, thanks for the love. That Fred Falke remix is wild, i picked that up yesterday aswell. Good lookin and ill see you tonight!