Sunday, March 1, 2009


Greetings all, off the bat, I owe some peeps mad apologies as I have been seriously out of touch with the blog world for the past two weeks. Although I don't truly believe in catching up, in the sense of the internet, that is neither here nor there.

So looking slightly ahead on your calendar's, to everybody's favourite March holiday, the almighty and festive St. Patrick's day. Well this year, on March 17th, 317's best mates, GNARTY PARLY, holdin' down Hamilton, Ontario, and beyond, are throwing a St. Patrick's day (really its at night) dance party @ the Casbah Lounge. Headlining the show are none other than Toronto's finest, Parallels and at their side, local heroes, the Golden Girls, accompanied by CFMU 93.3 (McMaster University Radio Station) In the Cut fame, DJ RAYZ (more to come on him soon). Oh wow... I am definitely beyond excited or stoked, perhaps cosmically amped, or something along those inter galactic lines... I think its fair to say this event is going to be a boat load of fun, trust me, I grew up next to a fuckin' harbour, shit is crazy. check the delicious poster:

So to give all those a little sample of the Parallels, which consists of Cameron Findlay and Holly Dodson, who make lovely, sometimes dark, dance music, synthesized out in wonderful and glorious fashion, which has an entrancing vibe to keep your ears and body hooked and happy. Take a listen to these treats, and show some myspace love to the Golden Girls, as we have yet to acquire their dope tracks we so desperately seek. no worries though, patience is a virtue. the goods:

For info on the show, check the GNARTY PARLY myspace. From Ottawa, with mad peace and love, to Hamilton, peep the illest post card ever:

p.s.p.s. - sorry about the broken links, I believe they have been fixed this time, so pick 'em up while they're hot!!

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