Friday, March 13, 2009

(repost from March 10.09)

Late nights are more than often my most creative and productive time, vigorously sifting through both EBay and Craigslist for records and that rare instrument deal. Other than that, when every young professional is getting their shit together for work, I am rocking out hard to some tunes I have come across while burning that midnight oil. While waiting for torrents to finish up and spreading my collection of CDs and records arrogantly across my bedroom, I have come across a couple bangers I would love to share.

Tru Thoughts Records and the artists which reside on their label are doing some great things. Although recently much hasn’t been done, the past will not be forgotten by this heavy head. Firstly we got some collaboration and pure gold by our friend Quantic. Going by the name of The Limp Twins, the sound of Funk, Dub, R&B, and Soul come together quite nicely and really pump a smooth vibe. Just take a listen to these couple tracks and tell me you don’t dig hard. Please enjoy these two as much as I do.

This track in particular gets things going for me …

Next on the chopping block, another Tru Thoughts beauty this time by the name of Kinny. Kinny being the neo-soul phenom that she is gets together with many of her TT companions to create some real soulful tracks. Again, I just put up a couple of tracks for you folks to catch which will hopefully inspire some further research on your own part. These are just great late night tracks to get the mind flowing, please enjoy.

Being as I cannot seem to get enough of Tru Thoughts I thought I would through up a few more for ya …

Belleruche - Bought and Sold (DMCA rbr)

Belleruche - It'll Come (DMCA rbr)

Lately my head is been entirely focused toward the sweet sound of soul and funk. While there is new stuff floating around this device we call the Information Super Highway one cannot deny the roots of the past. Confined to the internet and the par record shops here in the Capital I have managed to scoop up some bangers. Below I have found some classic tracks I would love to spread the word on. Great instrumentals, great vocals, and above all great Horns, I do not have too much say much more that. Keep digging in those crates for those forgotten gems and dusty classics, nothing beats a great find.

Head Band - War On The Streets (DMCA rbr)

Pleasure Web - Music Man (pt 1 & 2) (DMCA rbr)

The Darktaris - Eltsuhg Labl lasiti (DMCA rbr)

Eric Hines - Our Generation (DMCA rbr)

Ha, just stumbled upon this track … apparently Asher Roth is a “blogger” favorite, but I must be to removed from the scene to grip this fellow. Anyways … I thought this song was kind of dope for a couple of listens, damn do I love novelty rap. Hopefully this will grace my "Partay" playlist <:0) HA!

In trying to find some information on Treasure Fingers himself, all I came across was some shotty homepages and an ad filled MySpace page. Nonetheless, some great stuff here. Some really groovy remixes to feast upon. Jump in.

The Death Set – Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)


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