Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Local Love:
Golden Girls and the 84.85

I truly hate to make people worry, but concern yourself with this: how can pop music be great and something along the lines of "shock-rock disco jock", at the same time (in the deep voice of Rahzel, the Godfather of Noise). No worries, because the answer has come to me in a glorious dream; Golden Girls, a name that was mentioned here about a week ago, is a one man show in Mats Vlahovich and he has come to save us all from these obscure and mostly meaningless musical questions.

Basing himself out of Toronto, Mats makes music which has its roots, from what I can tell, in eighties' pop, synthesized out with some crafty kicks and snares. Is it Danceable? Fuck yeah. Hype enough? Oh my, yes. Whats more is that apparently the Golden Girls Ep, XOXO, which was originally scheduled for release in April, has now been moved up to come out in March (check myspace for details).

As a quick 'aside', I implore you to take a chance if you haven't already and go with your instincts on the Designer Drugs remix. In the event you don't know who I am speaking of, I apologize for this senseless banter, but I really encourage you to check out the myspace link I included above. So enough of my jabbering and on with the goods:

Golden Girls - Big League
Golden Girls - Do the Criminal
Golden Girls - Do the Criminal (Designer Drugs Remix)

Next up are fellow Torontonians, on the more electro-rap tip which we love here at 317, the 84.85. They are three: Cassius, Jay 84 and T, and damn, they now how drop dope beats and "break in mic stands" (emphasis added to MF Doom quote; another bad habit of mine exposed).

In any case, these dudes are rad as fuck, so hit 'em up. Oh, and the remix by DJ Barletta, another native of Toronto (more to come on him soon), is straight dirty-fun that instills visions of drunkenness and vibes of all out dancey goodness. This is not to say, however, that the originals and the remix by the 84.85 included below are not dope in their own right, so enjoy more tastiness:

the 84.84 - Breathe
the 84.85 - Don't Worry
the 84.85 - Don't Worry (DJ Barletta Remix)
DJ Barletta - Bass Live (84.85 Remix)

So that about does it, hopefully you enjoy the beats and there will be more to come on everyone mentioned above sooner than later. In the words of one of the wisest people of which I have ever had the pleasure of making acquaintance, "Keep your fuckin' game tight", and as always, peace and love.


  1. nice some tracks from GG. guna give em a listen in a late night fashion, BUKKA

  2. yo Berger are you still going to cut copy/is your buddy still driving/is there room in that automobile? give me a shout ecclestone03@Hotmail.com