Thursday, April 30, 2009

FAQ (Five Annual Quests):
Barletta, Kid Legit, Fred Falke,
Deadmau5 and Pony
Pony Run Run

Hallo, hallo, what the fuck is going on dudes and dudettes, its super good to see everybody. This week, thanks to some creative criticism on the part of some of our readers (peace to ehmos), I have decided to try out a new format for my posts - less typing and a max. of 5 tracks per post.

Personally, this last week has been beyond gnarly and it only seems to be getting crazier. As such, the tracks for this week's post had to reflect the tip I've been on, 'cuz "straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungle..."(Nas - "Represent"). I hate to be pessimistic and blunt, but I'm not trying to get down on you, I'm trying to light a fire under you; carpe fuckin' diem yo! And to prove my intentions are righteous I brought along some fresh new tracks to share...

First up is an awesome new DJ out of Montreal - represent!- by the name of Kid Legit. And, suffice to say, the track I have here, a remix by the boy/man himself, proves its not just a clever name. Mad shout outs to Gnarty Parly for introducing me to this banger, which is more of a fuckin' anthem, or at least it should be and its all madness from about 20 sec. in when the crazy synth loop drops. It is so hype, never mind the catastrophic build-up at the mid-way mark; straight dope, for serious...

Love thy Brother - Get Your Back Up (Kid Legit Remix)

Next up, another remix by a local favourite, (formally DJ) Barletta. Yeah, we love Barletta here at 317 and this track takes my love, for one half of Mansion, to the next level with what seems to be a move towards a more disco-ish type electro-house vibe. Just a little less aggressive then the usual Barletta banger, but nonetheless, the lack of grimmeness (which is a good thing) is made up for amplified disco synth loops and the result: this is one of the illest Barletta remixes that has ever graced my ears. I have mad faith in this one, so get your dl on and pump up the volume...

Meech - Bottome of the Fourth (Barletta Remix)

Number three, one of the craziest remixes I have come across in a while and its up there with the likes of Justice remixing Lenny Kravitz or U2, but way better. So yeah, this one is a single off of U2's newest album, which is coming out super soon, if it hasn't already. Not that I have anything against Bono or the rest of U2, but to be brutally honest, after the Joshua Tree, shit got kinda weak. Long story short, thank whomever deity you worship for Fred Falke and his blessed skills, 'cuz this track is money-tits (sorry for the deragatory statement). Definitely an awesome twist on a way too popped-out band...

U2 - Magnificent (Fred Falke Remix - Edit)

Moving right along, Calvin Harris is the man and the track which is featured here is one of his latest singles which has been widely circulating the net, and its madness. A little longer at just over 8 minutes and some may even say its a little repetitive, but Deadmau5 kills it. Think hype house-disco, with some clean, classy and smooth loops, echoed with amazing breaks that keep you anticipating more magic. If you heard the original, which if you haven't you really should think about doing, you may agree that this remix is a true change of pace, but one that is very fucking fresh and compliments Harris' own dope style. Dare I say, epic...

Calvin Harris - Can You See the Light (Deadmau5 Remix)

Lately I seem to have been on a little bit of a French tip and lets be honest, les Francais represent hard, seemingly in any genre of music, but oh how they love to dance and this last track is no exception; straight heat/hot to def. Pony Pony Run Run, the people responsible for this gourmet audio treat, seem to be ranging on the more disco and indie side of the electronic spectrum, with a heavy injection of funk - a.k.a. - its catchy as fuck. This track has been putting a smile on my face every time I've listened to it; its tons of fun, enjoy, oh and these guys have their new album out on June 15th, so keep your ears to the streets.

Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You

Can't say goodbye without a big fat word up, with tons of representin' thrown in as well. Post up in zee comments section, we love to hear from you and let me know what you think of the new format idea. Word is bond and keep your game(s) tight... Peace and Love.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Happened?
Don Diablo escorts 'Grandma' back home

Last week was pretty trying for 317. Speaking for myself, I had major computer problems that forced some of my prized computer possessions to be deleted. One of my most prized losses was my beloved itunes play count. Who knew a seemingly pointless stat would create such an emotional loss and have a small impact on my life. Not only was it an interesting to view who was played the most in the recent and past few weeks on my computer, but it also proved to be a valuable sorting tool once i had committed a few hundred hours of streaming music through itunes over the past two years. Luckily I was able to save the music I cared about and the documents that were important. But still... may my old itunes play count r.i.p.

Another problem we had came to us through mediafire- our database for hosting music. I apologize to anyone who felt the effects we did, obviously it still has some bugs that need to be sorted out. However, it's still not worth switching providers. Mediafire offers an extensive free program with an interface that is easy for users. Files shared with through other providers like zshare sometimes disable links over time to continue fast service. This makes it very hard to develop any form of archive of MP3s for people to download. Therefore, we will continue to keep using mediafire until a better option surfaces. Any link that is experiencing problems through mediashare we will try to correct using another free source such as zshare.

Hopefully all the problems are behind us so we can move on.

That being said, I'm still behind in catching up among the activity sweeping the blogosphere. So this next track comes straight from the personal stash I was able to save from the shitstorm that swept my computer. Don Diablo has left mixed impressions on me in the past. Here he hits me full on. I'm in love with the acoustic guitar and the arrangement. Damn this sounds good..

One EskimO - Givin' Up (Don Diablo Remix)

* * *

Over the last week, our technical difficulties with blogger, mediafire, and the backup on my computer ended with the loss of a post entitled, Keep On Walking Grandma (Apr 24.09). Since the blog backup crashed so did the ability to retrieve the post. No big deal, but these tracks still deserve recognition. Unfortunately I had to kill the write-ups but here goes, second-time around, a random selection of great stuff all worthy of checking out.

Golden Girls - Do The Criminal (CCENTURIESS Remix)

Le Matos ft. Coeur De Pirate - How Do I Let You Know

Pierce - Goodfriends

Annie - Chewing Gum (Mylo Remix)

Master H. ft. Silicon - Thirteen (Mylo Remix)

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking (Deadmau5 Remix) DMCA rbr

Calvin Harris - Acceptable In The 80s DMCA rbr

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Gotta Know
Fear of Tigers, Sferro and new Airys

Pink is Punk released one sick remix to Airys Vedo In Te this past week. Italo funky electro pop is one way to describe the rooted Milano artists. Both projects have teamed up to create this new track. It's one of a kind and absolutely covered in good.

Airys - Vedo In Te (Pink is Punk Remix)

Well, I'm definitely not the first to be introduced to Fear of Tigers. These guys are great. They sound as if they just emerged from the old retro 80's scene where no one knew what to do with the lights and the new sounds, and simply perfected it. It's a bold statement but with one listen I was tossed back into my childhood reliving the precursor to the dance parties created by the sweet annual albums of Dance Mix 93, 94, and 95. I hope they bring you the same nostalgic feeling that hit me when I was first heard these two tracks.

Fear of Tigers - The Adventure of Pippi Longstump (Original)

Fear of Tigers - The Rich Cry Too (Original)

Fear of Tigers tossed up a lot of new great synth which naturally led me to Sferro. The one man monster in Eric Sferro is talented as anyone in making infectious vibes that make you move. The instrumentals are ridiculously delightful. There's lots of goodies out there so if you like what you hear hit his myspace or further search on hype.

Funked Up - No Ditchin (Sferro Remix)

Sferro - Sexy Talents

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mmm, mmm, mmm...
too much tasty stuff to mention (in the title)

First things first, I have been MIA for tons and this my first post for the month, damn son! As such, I have been building on this post for way too long; each day I find some new dope tracks too add to the list, but its already huge! So here we go, and I apologize in advance. Also, there are minimal pics because I went crazy with song postage... word is bond!

Number one - neighbours to the south, Blacklight Flashlight (If your down with hockey, go Blue Jackets!). In any event, these dudes keep it mad real and although I only have one track to share with you, I know we have had a post of a remix these guys did a little while back, which you can get to here. So yeah this track is really funky with a great disco keyboard-synth vibe, add in some nice drums and you have a pretty radical tune. I am on the hunt for more Blacklight Flashlight, if their other stuff is like this, I can't wait. The goods:

Blacklight Flashlight - Dreaming In

Numéro deux, and I apologize for the cliche remark, but this is a straight up French connection; 317 favourtite Breakbot and fellow Frenchmen Yuksek together, drop the heat on this one. This track has been circling the blog world for a little while now, so out with the goods:

Yuksek - Extraball (Breakbot Remix)

Next up, some super funky Brazilians known as the Twelves (as if you hadn't heard!) combine with local heroes Metric. From Rio to Toronto, actually that is unfair, I know Metric is part Canadian, but I am unsure about which part, my bad. In any case this remix is money, these dudes know what they are doing and you should not be shy; partake in what the Twelves are ready to give you. Mad love:

Metric - Help I'm Alive (the Twelves Remix)

Moving right along, over the last month I have come across a couple tracks by the Torontonian known for funky electro - Hemingway. Apparently, not much is known of this elusive Canadian yet, although, word on the street is he is a mean DJ. Once again, my bad on the lack of info, but take a gamble if you're new to the name, this song was also remixed a while back by the Brazilians mentioned above. So here is a little Canadian-funk twist:

the Virgins - Rich Girls (Hemingway Remix)

Featured alongside Mr. Hemingway, fellow Torontonians (and Montrealers) - DVAS. These dudes make sick ass disco house. I'm going to be brutally honest, these tracks are both awesome, but the first one is a gem, think more disco-ish Daft Punk (really?! Yes.). Amazing build-ups and great tripped out dance potential. Oh and SymbolOne, these guys are crazy good as well, and I've got a dope remix of theirs to share. And if their story is true as per their my space page - craziness! Hey! Have Fun:

DVAS - Forever

DVAS - Ambient Room (SymbolOne Remix)

Okay, two left. A remix to this track has been featured here before on an older post which you can get to here (Broke One kills it). This time around, however, Youth has blessed the Elke track with his London vibes; his synth break down is straight up and down fucking fantastic, recognize! (I know that's aggressive, but I promise its awesome). Straight from the shores of the UK:

Elke - Blue Dream Lover (Youth Remix)

Mates from Leeds represent hard on this track. This one was also featured a little while ago, get it here (Paul Epwoth + Friendly Fires = Magical/Epic). But to the same token, Grum from Leeds lays down a super gnarly remix. Below is a poster that gives a pretty good description - "Tasty Shit!" I hate to judge, but I totally saved the best for last, this track makes me way too happy, so please enjoy:

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)

Wow, that was a little much, again, my bad, I got carried away and I knew it from the get-go. Post up in the comments section if you're diggin' on the tracks, we love to hear from you!

P.s. I lied, one last track I promise. No info on this gem, but Kennedy kills it here; this is a great summer funk-disco jam that would sound killer out the window of your Ford Tempo, or at your house party. And if this track doesn't make you smile, I just shed a tear for you. The nice weather bonus:

Kennedy - Karate

As always, represent the my space pages of the artists you dig and of course, tons of peace and love.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Special Delivery
Linus Loves and Popular Computer

We had a brand new remix from Linus Loves drop to us a few days ago. It's delicious. The talented artist has helped bring 18 year-old Pixie Lott to the spotlight. Pixie dips in a sound that's very mainstream. Right now she's offering samples off an upcoming album to be released in the new year. You can find these clips on her myspace. The Linus Loves remix offers up a technoelectro rendition that's out of this world. The sound is clean, crisp and highly recommended.

Pixie Lott - Mama Do (Linus Loves Remix)

Another great song that recently resurfaced is Popular Computer's Darling off his first full release Senso Data on Rise Recordings. This needs to be in everyones playlist. PC bring us some amazing haunting electro that is simply terrific. Between the vocals and the beat, Darling creates an entrancing state you won't want to leave.

Popular Computer - Darling

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Half in Love
Meanderthals, Gentleman Thieves, Desire, Jacques Renault

Meanderthals switches things up a little bit on 317 today. Since we're nearing the end of the year for the student populous, exams are getting tight, papers even more strenuous, I decided to indulge with something a little more melodic and rhythmic with the intent to keep the sound real light. Meanderthals Desire Lines fits this agenda. It combines dimensions from acoustic soft rock, underlying funk, with the great taste of some retro club jazz. Lately it has been helping me get through some long hours but it's an instrumental worth playing any hour of the day. Play it all the way through before deciding how you feel. The jazz fade-out is sexy. Oh and they are brand-spanking new making it even more worth the listen.

Meanderthals - Desire Lines

Our friends from NY in Gentleman Thieves hit us up with a new track that everyone should be hitting hard. Their sound is developing strong and varies greatly from the previous tracks we enclosed earlier in the year. Despite this being a new track it is very nostalgic to me. It instantly creates a mellow dance mood. Hopefully you enjoy this exclusive track as much as we do.

Gentleman Thieves - Dream Passport

Discodust along with Disco Workout recently helped introduce us to Johnny Jewel, the self-made genius behind such side projects as chromatics, glass candy, and italians do it better. While all projects are unique and offer something new... Jewel has finally found an extraordinary vocalist in Megan Louise in the new project Desire. The new prominent single out of a set of five leaked by the new duo entitled, If I Can't Hold You is a delightful mix of haunting disco. Watch out for Desire in the future as Jewel is sure to spin up some talent with Megan alongside.

Desire - If I Can't Hold You

The Hundred In The Hands track Dressed in Dresden has been tossed around the blogosphere countless amount of times over the past few months. Hype is a great way of proving this through a simple search. However, the Jacques Renault remix tosses up a funky fresh remix that is worth treating your ears too. He funks out the orig a bit more and makes it a little bit more danceable to appease us all.

The Hundred In The Hands - Undressed in Dresden (Jacques Renault remix)
The Masters
and no we're not talking Golf
(repost from April 12.09)

Doves are a project I found out about accidentally the other week. The latest album, entitled Kingdom of Rust, recently came out April 6th. I haven't had the pleasure of checking it out yet, but that's on today's to-do list along with the hours of other work in the queue. I seriously recommend checking out the Still Going remix to the latest Doves single. It is chilling and a perfect cure for a hangover.

Doves - Kingdom of Rust (Still Going Remix) DMCA rbr

By now we all know that the Crookers present something a little bit harder...

About a month ago (March 11, 2009) I posted a track by DJ Mujava that had well some real shitty sound quality- sorry about that. Anyways, last week I stumbled across a remix done by the none other, extremely talented Crookers remix to the track in question. If you haven't heard the orig I'm talking about, check the previous post here (keep in mind the quality). However, this new track has no sound issues (other then it sounding pretty damn good). The Crookers add in a little of their own flare but for the most part leave the backbone of the track untouched. I think this speaks to how solid Mujava's Township Funk really kills it. Oh and if you know any Armand Van Helden... see if you can spot the sample up front.

Mujava - Township Funk (Phra Crookers Supertrance Refix)

While we're talking about the Crookers I had to mention an old fav that redthreat resurfaced the other day. This track debuted in March 2008- almost 2 years into the Crooks career. Trash is a hard techno delight that features what I'm going to call "the techno strum," which is ill. Enjoy the throwback.

The Whip - Trash (Crookers Remix)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Sounds All Around
Pegase and Pacific!

teenage colour parties - "la boom"

If you have not had the chance to sample Pegase's new sound that is rapidly moving around the blogosphere then I have a treat for you. Raphaël, better known as the lead singer from Minitel Rose, has dumped out two brand new tracks this past week that are exceptional. He appears to have moved away from the traditional soft synthed Pegase we all knew him by to a dynamic melodic-pop dance scene- where he is equally as good. These two tracks are great. Grab em while you can.

Pegase - Wherever You Are (Demo)

Pegase - I Tried To Be You (Demo)

Pacific!, the guys from Sweden, churned out one hot remix to Poney Poney over the last couple of days. Pacific really did a number here. It will instantly catch you. If you feel like getting addicted to something click below.

Poney Poney - When Do You Wanna Stop Working? (Pacific! Remix)

As for Poney Poney, they recently released a number of new tracks to go with this one. Check em out if you want something a a lil more raw than this track. By The Numbers is the next best track on there (my biased opinion).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holla to the Scholarly.

First off today we have a serious track from once posted Erobique. Posted on March 27th Ripped on Reality, Erobique had made his first appearance on 317. Anyways I have come across another track from the depths of Hamburg that I would like to share with the winter north. This tune had got a great club vibe, thick bass, simple percussion, catchy guitar licks, and little vocals. Erobique’s Grevenlove gets me going. Uplifting, groovy, smooth, a great morning tune on your walk to work or class, please enjoy this sure to be club fav as much as I do.

Erobique - Grevenlove

I got a couple of heavy hitters to throw down as well this evening, aggressive and trendy these tracks are bangers. First up we got a fresh group by the name of Blacklight Flashlight. These remix of Midfield Generals’ track Disco Sirens is a banger. Not too much to say about this bad boy, but check out some of the other tunes, these brothers from Columbus know how to groove.

Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Blacklight Flashlight Remix)

Next we have an oddly name group by the name of Tits & Clits. Their track Aggressive is exactly that. From their MySpace page these guys seem kind of wild. I haven’t really checked out much of their other stuff which is posted but I will in the near future. Enjoy this one it really gets me going. I don't know to much about the Budapest scene, but it seems decent if junk like this is come out there.

Tits & Clits - Aggressive

Got a sweet Lorenz Rhodes club mix ... nothing to say about this guy ... never heard of him before but this mix gets me going. some smooth shit right here. Just a bonus.

Lorenz Rhodes - Shake It (Cut Up Club Dub)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Making Love on a Monday
Fromage Disco

Here's a little daily dose in something soulful to start your week off right. Disco Workout first introduced Fromage to me a few days ago. I'm very appreciative. The group has posted several free songs online for greedy downloaders like myself to get a hold of. Repeight and Vicious are both tracks worth seeking out. This remix of Chaz Jenkel's You're My Occupation is electro-sensual. It's a mix of heavy bass combined with some fluid vibrant beats and some hard hitting throwback vocals. If you're a little confused, don't worry, it will all come together. It's a real treat for Monday mor.... afternoon. Enjoy!

Chaz Jenkel - You're My Occupation (Fromage Remix)

Friday, April 3, 2009

So Fresh
Lifelike, The Twelves, Free Disco, Compuphonic

In mid-March Lifelike dropped another funky fresh remix, this time, to My Secret Lover by The Private. This track is getting a lot of attention internationally, therefore it deserves to have a pit stop in Canada. Laurent Ash, aka Lifelike, has dropped some hella good stuff already on 317. It's interesting to note the surname change as we all knew him by Heinrich back in the day. Check the post for the old intel as well as another dope track in So Electric.

Anyway, most people are either going to love or hate the Lifelike rendition of My Secret Lover. It's danceable, funked out, and mad catchy. On the other hand, the vocals can be hit or miss with most. I'm still in the air. I'm not sure if I would dig it without Lifelike making it real, real nice.

The Private - My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix) DMCA rbr

This next track was introduced to us by a good friend and family member of 317. Everyone knows the track Take On Me by A-Ha; if not by name then definitely by first listen. Anyway, it was decent way back when it emerged, but The Twelves have made it absolutely fantastic as some might say. Anyway I'll let the track speak for itself. On a side note, I was informed the other day by erger that The Twelves are from Brazil- who would have thought?

A-ha - Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)

Left Field Boogie by Free Disco is a ridiculously good funk track. Horns, a solid bassline, and the odd laser- yes lasers, don't judge it (prominent around 2:20 in the song). Whatever the instrument, Free Disco absolutely destroys it here. Left Field Boogie is an uptempo swing track that makes you want to move. It's stellar, I seriously recommend. Oh and P.S. lasers are sweet. Where would we be without laser tag, laser pointers, and the gladiator "Laser" (from the 80's show, not that Hogan crappp).

Free Disco - Left Field Boogie

Javelo is one of the alias's the guys from Aeroplane used before they started. Thanks to their foundation Compuphonic was able to make something that gave me my daily dose of sweet synth vibes. He delivers on the sick remix to the Javelo track entitled Spleen. For those looking for the intel, in 2002 Compuphonic started to learn the basis of electro and music production. He signed to make his first production off the label Dirty Dancing records where he released five EP's. His fame in Belgium gave him the opportunity to become a resident Dj. Since, Compuphonic has progressed through signing remixes for Kolombo, Tiga, the Presets, and Modular. Word on the street is he already has some new stellar tracks queued up for '09, we'll keep you posted.

Javelo - Spleen (Compuphonic Remix)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Excited
The Future is Sweet

Wow, the people behind Valerie continue to impress me. They continuously unite great artists in phenomenal shows time and time again. Valerie Party, Paris, April 10th is no exception. It marks Electric Youth's first European tour. Included alongside is College, Anoraak, and Maethelvin. April 10th in Paris is shaping up to be one hell of a night. To celebrate my love for Valerie and the upcoming show we kept it real simple.

College are sweet. I'm digging on a remix by 1928 that hit the Valerie Collective a couple days ago. This track is captivating. The vocals compliment the track so well and wow, don't even get me started on the rhythm. Simply awesome. It's pretty much continuously playing right now. Valerie's promotional description is pretty spot on so I thought I would include it for the curious mind.

We have a highly-rated sound this week, the Australian 1928, who did me the wonderful favour of remixing ‘Can you kiss me first’. This remix stays faithful to the original in mood and character, but the addition of a feminine vocal allows us glance upon it in a completely different way. - Valerie

College - Can You Kiss Me First (1928 Remix)

Also on the card April 10th is Maethelvin, which coincidentally is incredible. I stumbled across a demo track by him about a week ago that really impressed me. Caught up with work I neglected to toss up a post. No longer procrastinating I now have an excuse to share this track. Maethelvin = great.

Maethelvin - Delight (Demo)

To continue in the spirit of the April 10th show in Paris, (with Electric Youth, College, Anoraak, and Maethelvin...yadda yadda, going to be a great show) included below is the video link to College's track "She Never Came Back," which feature Hamilton's Electric Youth. The screenplay for the video is by Frantz Lasorne and Nicolas Guyon. It's a great track and the video is fresh out the oven. Get it while it's hot.

College - She Never Came Back (Vimeo Video Link)