Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holla to the Scholarly.

First off today we have a serious track from once posted Erobique. Posted on March 27th Ripped on Reality, Erobique had made his first appearance on 317. Anyways I have come across another track from the depths of Hamburg that I would like to share with the winter north. This tune had got a great club vibe, thick bass, simple percussion, catchy guitar licks, and little vocals. Erobique’s Grevenlove gets me going. Uplifting, groovy, smooth, a great morning tune on your walk to work or class, please enjoy this sure to be club fav as much as I do.

Erobique - Grevenlove

I got a couple of heavy hitters to throw down as well this evening, aggressive and trendy these tracks are bangers. First up we got a fresh group by the name of Blacklight Flashlight. These remix of Midfield Generals’ track Disco Sirens is a banger. Not too much to say about this bad boy, but check out some of the other tunes, these brothers from Columbus know how to groove.

Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Blacklight Flashlight Remix)

Next we have an oddly name group by the name of Tits & Clits. Their track Aggressive is exactly that. From their MySpace page these guys seem kind of wild. I haven’t really checked out much of their other stuff which is posted but I will in the near future. Enjoy this one it really gets me going. I don't know to much about the Budapest scene, but it seems decent if junk like this is come out there.

Tits & Clits - Aggressive

Got a sweet Lorenz Rhodes club mix ... nothing to say about this guy ... never heard of him before but this mix gets me going. some smooth shit right here. Just a bonus.

Lorenz Rhodes - Shake It (Cut Up Club Dub)

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