Friday, April 3, 2009

So Fresh
Lifelike, The Twelves, Free Disco, Compuphonic

In mid-March Lifelike dropped another funky fresh remix, this time, to My Secret Lover by The Private. This track is getting a lot of attention internationally, therefore it deserves to have a pit stop in Canada. Laurent Ash, aka Lifelike, has dropped some hella good stuff already on 317. It's interesting to note the surname change as we all knew him by Heinrich back in the day. Check the post for the old intel as well as another dope track in So Electric.

Anyway, most people are either going to love or hate the Lifelike rendition of My Secret Lover. It's danceable, funked out, and mad catchy. On the other hand, the vocals can be hit or miss with most. I'm still in the air. I'm not sure if I would dig it without Lifelike making it real, real nice.

The Private - My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix) DMCA rbr

This next track was introduced to us by a good friend and family member of 317. Everyone knows the track Take On Me by A-Ha; if not by name then definitely by first listen. Anyway, it was decent way back when it emerged, but The Twelves have made it absolutely fantastic as some might say. Anyway I'll let the track speak for itself. On a side note, I was informed the other day by erger that The Twelves are from Brazil- who would have thought?

A-ha - Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)

Left Field Boogie by Free Disco is a ridiculously good funk track. Horns, a solid bassline, and the odd laser- yes lasers, don't judge it (prominent around 2:20 in the song). Whatever the instrument, Free Disco absolutely destroys it here. Left Field Boogie is an uptempo swing track that makes you want to move. It's stellar, I seriously recommend. Oh and P.S. lasers are sweet. Where would we be without laser tag, laser pointers, and the gladiator "Laser" (from the 80's show, not that Hogan crappp).

Free Disco - Left Field Boogie

Javelo is one of the alias's the guys from Aeroplane used before they started. Thanks to their foundation Compuphonic was able to make something that gave me my daily dose of sweet synth vibes. He delivers on the sick remix to the Javelo track entitled Spleen. For those looking for the intel, in 2002 Compuphonic started to learn the basis of electro and music production. He signed to make his first production off the label Dirty Dancing records where he released five EP's. His fame in Belgium gave him the opportunity to become a resident Dj. Since, Compuphonic has progressed through signing remixes for Kolombo, Tiga, the Presets, and Modular. Word on the street is he already has some new stellar tracks queued up for '09, we'll keep you posted.

Javelo - Spleen (Compuphonic Remix)

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