Thursday, April 16, 2009

Special Delivery
Linus Loves and Popular Computer

We had a brand new remix from Linus Loves drop to us a few days ago. It's delicious. The talented artist has helped bring 18 year-old Pixie Lott to the spotlight. Pixie dips in a sound that's very mainstream. Right now she's offering samples off an upcoming album to be released in the new year. You can find these clips on her myspace. The Linus Loves remix offers up a technoelectro rendition that's out of this world. The sound is clean, crisp and highly recommended.

Pixie Lott - Mama Do (Linus Loves Remix)

Another great song that recently resurfaced is Popular Computer's Darling off his first full release Senso Data on Rise Recordings. This needs to be in everyones playlist. PC bring us some amazing haunting electro that is simply terrific. Between the vocals and the beat, Darling creates an entrancing state you won't want to leave.

Popular Computer - Darling


  1. Interesting Popular Computer track...btw thought I'd let you guys at 317 know that Cut Copy are playing in T.O. again this summer on July 25th with Crystal Castles opening at the Sound Academy.

  2. luke that's awesome. i'm impressed they're not back at circa to be honest. thanks for the heads up. i would love to check em out again, i wasn't fulfilled last time. anyway, i hope to fix up our old concert listings with the new summer line-ups after exams so i'll be sure to add it to the list.


    also, to all those who could not receive the Linus Loves remix, the link is restored. thanks for letting us know about broken links. they are an easy fix but we always need help in spotting them.