Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Sounds All Around
Pegase and Pacific!

teenage colour parties - "la boom"

If you have not had the chance to sample Pegase's new sound that is rapidly moving around the blogosphere then I have a treat for you. Raphaël, better known as the lead singer from Minitel Rose, has dumped out two brand new tracks this past week that are exceptional. He appears to have moved away from the traditional soft synthed Pegase we all knew him by to a dynamic melodic-pop dance scene- where he is equally as good. These two tracks are great. Grab em while you can.

Pegase - Wherever You Are (Demo)

Pegase - I Tried To Be You (Demo)

Pacific!, the guys from Sweden, churned out one hot remix to Poney Poney over the last couple of days. Pacific really did a number here. It will instantly catch you. If you feel like getting addicted to something click below.

Poney Poney - When Do You Wanna Stop Working? (Pacific! Remix)

As for Poney Poney, they recently released a number of new tracks to go with this one. Check em out if you want something a a lil more raw than this track. By The Numbers is the next best track on there (my biased opinion).

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