Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Excited
The Future is Sweet

Wow, the people behind Valerie continue to impress me. They continuously unite great artists in phenomenal shows time and time again. Valerie Party, Paris, April 10th is no exception. It marks Electric Youth's first European tour. Included alongside is College, Anoraak, and Maethelvin. April 10th in Paris is shaping up to be one hell of a night. To celebrate my love for Valerie and the upcoming show we kept it real simple.

College are sweet. I'm digging on a remix by 1928 that hit the Valerie Collective a couple days ago. This track is captivating. The vocals compliment the track so well and wow, don't even get me started on the rhythm. Simply awesome. It's pretty much continuously playing right now. Valerie's promotional description is pretty spot on so I thought I would include it for the curious mind.

We have a highly-rated sound this week, the Australian 1928, who did me the wonderful favour of remixing ‘Can you kiss me first’. This remix stays faithful to the original in mood and character, but the addition of a feminine vocal allows us glance upon it in a completely different way. - Valerie

College - Can You Kiss Me First (1928 Remix)

Also on the card April 10th is Maethelvin, which coincidentally is incredible. I stumbled across a demo track by him about a week ago that really impressed me. Caught up with work I neglected to toss up a post. No longer procrastinating I now have an excuse to share this track. Maethelvin = great.

Maethelvin - Delight (Demo)

To continue in the spirit of the April 10th show in Paris, (with Electric Youth, College, Anoraak, and Maethelvin...yadda yadda, going to be a great show) included below is the video link to College's track "She Never Came Back," which feature Hamilton's Electric Youth. The screenplay for the video is by Frantz Lasorne and Nicolas Guyon. It's a great track and the video is fresh out the oven. Get it while it's hot.

College - She Never Came Back (Vimeo Video Link)

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