Sunday, February 8, 2009

Up North Trip

Let me begin by saying there is nothing quite like enjoying good music with great people and friends. So this post and the working title have little to do with the seminal Mobb Deep track, but the track mentioned does refer to my crew of friends that came to visit me in Ottawa this weekend and also attended the aforementioned show @ Babylon on Sat. Feb. 7th w/ Jokers of the Scene and Andy Butler from Hercules and Love Affair. To cut to the chase, mad shout outs, peace and even more love to the neighborhood crew representin' Hamiltron!!!! And word up to Gnarty Parly!!! (more to come on these dudes sooner than later...)

To further cut to the chase, the show was fucking brilliant, we effectively danced the night away, peace to the jokers of the scene, they held down the home turff with style and grandeur all their own. As for Andy Butler, yeah you could say he killed it, you could say it was fun, you could even go so far as to say that it was a great set that seemed to go 'till 3am and the reality was: Ottawa + Andy Butler = love.

Moving onwards, talk of fun and love inspires more fun and love I think, in any case, this weekend I also stumbled upon a lovely remix by an Italian fellow named Broke One who hails from the northern city of Lecco. The song, "Blue Dream Lover", is originally done by the down under Gold Coasters Elke. A pretty fresh track on its own, no doubt, however, while Broke One may not be a religious man he has surely blessed this track. Whether its the glorious synth/bit-mashed breakdowns, or that little extra added funky disco vibe care of a beefed up base line has, no doubt, made a priceless heirloom out of a gem of a track. Aside, you can tell I am in a great mood because the terrible puns are flowing. And now the goods...

Elke - Blue Dream Lover (BROKE ONE Remix)

So after some research, I found that this fine Italian beat-craftsman is up to no good. And by "no good" I mean he fuckin' keeps it real. Mad love to BigStereo for the tracks which I am about to share. I was kinda vibin' more off the two remixes, but its literally all rad. Let me know what you ladies gents think in zee comments sectioné. cash money.

Casa Del Mirto - Bad Girls Surf (BROKE ONE Remix)

The Phonograph - Erasmus (BROKE ONE Remix)

Broke One - Tempo

Broke One - EVRBD!

Broke One - The New Wave

On the same tip, not to say that the remixes aren't funky or whatever, because it doesn't really matter, they're dope in their own right, but the Casa Del Mirto and The Phonograph remixes display a little grittier dance style than the three of his original tracks. His own stuff is definitely got a little more funky disco vibe. Either way the name of this Italian's game is diversity, as Lauryn Hill said, "many styles - more powerful than gamma rays". Check the blog world out for his other remixes, not too shabby. ciao for now.


  1. thanks for your support man, i really appreciated.

  2. that show was pimp! nice blog too buddy!