Monday, February 9, 2009

Orange Blossom

I just came home from getting my hair cut, in which I had an interesting conversation with the Barber. Although I hate small talk for the most part, talking with this man was an interesting experience and at the same time we really didn’t talk about anything in particular. It was odd; I had enjoyed talking with this man even though weather and sports had been the major topic of our conversation. The speed in which I was out of the barbershop had sparked a new found interest in small talk, and prompted a day of new findings and firsts.

Getting away from this lame introduction, this is my first post (of many) on 317ELECTRO and well I thought I would do my best to make it a banger. I would like to introduce an interesting fellow by the name of Pavor Stelar. His blend of 1920s, 1930s jazz, swing and blues mixed and sampled with modern house, electro, club, or whatever you want to call it, is unique and refreshing. I believe he is from France, as he is on the French label EtageNoir, although I could be wrong, seeing as I have also read that he also might be from Austria. Regardless of where he is from, Stelar rips it over and over again. Off his 2005 album RoughCuts here is a track called KissKiss. Being one of the more accessible tracks of his, KissKiss is by no other word, a banger. Enjoy.

Kisskiss - Parov Stelar

Blind Alley feat. Sax Max & Lylit - Parov Stelar

I have tried to upload this track a few times, but something ends up wrong either on my end or another, but I am going to give it a go one last time(I might have to upload this track YouTube styley, so bare with me).

The Sweet Divines, a rare album unless you want to go to a show and actually buy it from them, hard when they are based in NYC and you don’t have a car or money, but an awesome track none the less. The Sweet Divines have a classic big band feel to them in vocals while at the same time, the instrument play has a more contemporary approach it to. Not sure what else to say in particular except for this song will going down as a classic in my library and remain a player for a long time. I would love to attend one of their shows, just hoping it would be an experience not often found today. Hope you guys make it to Canada, more specifically Ottawa or Montreal some time soon.

Honeythistle - The Sweet Divines

This is a great cooled out remix to the Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc. A great dub style beat with a much cooler tone then the original. I am not going to make any silly cliches, or jokes about the DJs name, although i would love to. The Van city, BC native Kutcorners has really out done himself this time around. Check out some of his other tracks and you won’t be disappointed. This pair of tracks took some shifty finagling to get a hold of but I got them and i am sharing. I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due so check out Kutcorners.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc Remix - KutCorners

Get Caught - KutCorners

Also, i have a quick question, so if anyone can answer it for that would be great. Who is the artist who did the work for the latest Chromeo album?
- Qwantum

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  1. fuckin' hell, great post but for whatever reason i can't seem to get the imeem posted tracks to work at all, none of 'em. how weird is that? anyways, was wondering if anyone was experiencing these problems. And thought i'd throw out the idea of getting a media fire account, as adam and i have been using that to post tracks with. sorry if i sound like i douche, cuz i fucking love you qwantum/megaphoneteeth, whoever you are, haha.