Monday, February 9, 2009

It's MONDAY! chill the fuck out.

I have been confined to the computer for a good portion of the last 48 hours with upcoming deadlines on the horizon. But one benefit is while I was 'working' I introduced myself to Aether. This is the alias of Diego Chavez, a graphic designer and music producer representing San Antonio, TX. Chavez is a talented producer who combines hip hop and electro to create a signature sound that travels throughout his mixes. His music strays a little from what we're used to on 317 electro but it's well deserving. Chavez attributes his Hip Hop influence to the East Coast scene and previously made noise remixing Lykke Li's "Little Bit." He just released his solo album earlier this year entitled, "Artifacts." Check out these two little dandies.

Aether - Orfeu Negro

Aether - Makeshift Sanctuary

(art of Diego Chavez)

The track that immediately grabbed me was "Orfeu Negro", and I have no true words to describe it but it's... so chill, instantly relaxes me and in a way that i find comforting. Once I heard it I had to go searching for more and I found a track called "Makeshift Sanctuary." It showcases the talented genre mashup that Chavez is capable of with mixing in with variants from both hip hop and electro. Anyway I hope you dig it, and if you want more follow the link right.... here!


  1. great post, both tracks were awesome in their own right.

  2. blown away ... cant get over orfeu negro