Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 Run Homer!?: All hail A-Trak's hands!!

So yeah its been a while since my last post, I'm not sure exactly who this is directed at, but I apologize for my absence. So since my last post I was thinking, I should get off the entire land mass of the down under for a moment, and let my online musical adventures lead me elsewhere.

And where else to end up proper than right at home, or pretty fuckin' close, a stones throw over to Montreal, the lovely French Canadian, fresh as fuck central, home to none other than the world infamous DJ A-Trak (Alain Macklovitch), brother of Dave 1 (David Macklovitch), one half of Chromeo. A-Trak has jumped from different styles of music for his gifted hands and mind to warp into pure dopeness, whether it be in the direction of hip-hop and ghettotech (I use the latter term looselely), electro-dance, or even a little more on the disco side. To be completely honest, I have been following/in love with this particular Jewish/French/Canadian/dj for time, and this time around, wholly shit.... this is pure fuckin' dance gold. Dj's unite, Sebastien Tellier with a classic original, but lets be honest, if you've heard the original, the A-Trak remix to Sebastiean Tellier's "Kilometer" is stunning. Gorgeous even. Anyways from my comp, to mediashare, then with love and infective dance vibe intent, to yours..... the goods...

Next up, keeping with the A-Trak theme, this is a throwback goody, an amazingly dirty banger from the German genius, Boys Noize, transformed into a chaotic - perhaps even dirtier - dance floor destroyer. sorry for the aggressive terminology, but if you have a listen you may just agree.

p.s. thanks to voulesrandom for the pic and track and mad love as always. erger