Thursday, February 12, 2009

Music Comes From Outer Space

I know it is a ways away but the Junior Boys are coming to Ottawa May 5, 2009. Excited to see these guys, but at the same time disappointed that Max Tundra isn’t touring with them. Anyways I have gotten some feedback about my use of IMEEM. I am torn but I must switch to another means of sharing. I had looked into “Castblogone” but Blogger doesn’t seem to support it. I like the idea of being able to stream music right off my post, but I guess I will have to make due. Alternatively, I have set up a means for you guys to simply download the track vs. just listening to them, hopefully that works out better for you guys. I am still in the process of finding a means to stream tracks right off the post but for now this is what is happening.

Anyways in response to the Junior Boys news I have made available a few tracks for your listening pleasure. There is a lot of tour dates in the upcoming months, and not to my surprise a number of Canadian shows. Coming right out of Hamilton, Ontario (ha) these guys rip it, simple. Just enjoy and have fun … hopefully you might be able to add something to your dance party mix or to a sloppy Friday night.

Star - Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)

This first track is a compilation of two great bands, two different scenes and one great sound. Two great Canadian groups putting something together! This track has kind of a shadowy sound … slow, but not transparent … if glass had a sound … I think this might be it.

Junior Boys - Bits and Pieces

This track picks up the beat a little bit. Very nice track, a great representation of the Junior Boys. Can not wait to see these guys, hopefully a decent venue in Ottawa will pick them up and a party will be had.

Digging in my collection again today to find those long lost tracks, and look what I found. I want to through it back a little bit, to some still fresh hip hop and hit up a little Rakim. Just tossing back to a dope track, one that may have been forgotten over the years. Nothing to say about this one … just gold though. Have a listen and remember the good of days of hip hop.

Rakim - When I B on Tha Mic

Not going to talk you ear off this time around but I have another song I want share. The beauty of hypemachine has allowed me to come across Peter Hadar. Don’t know too much about the guy, just came across this track and thought I would share it on the Information Super Highway. Doing some quick research this guy is from New Jersey and is apparently a neosoul phnom. His record "Memories of the Heart apparently has a smooth blend of midtempo groove, so i have read. I personal have only heard this one track and I am down to hear some more. I am looking forward to finding this album and giving a full listen and really getting a feeling for this midtempo groove as it were.

Peter Hadar - Sweet

Oh yea ha, forgot about this one, introducing the beautiful and contagious PJ Harvey. This is a great track, a little off beat from what is regularly posted on this particular blog but I have no doubt in my mind that once you give this song a chance or two you will not be disappointed. Harvey has been a major player in the indie scene for quite some time, just thought I would toss this one out there and see what response I get.

PJ Harvey - When Under Ether


- Qwantum


  1. Junior Boy's new EP "Begone Dull Care" is amazing, Bits & Pieces starts off as if it were fresh out of a classic 8-bit megaman game on the NES. Other mentionable songs are Dull to Pause and Parallel Lines. All in a all a great production from the Hometown Heroes of Hamiltoe.

  2. welcome Megaphoneteeth

  3. fuuuck megaphoneteeth feel free to post here anytime