Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canada's in Danger! Danger's in Canada!

Danger aka Frank Rivoire hailing from Lyon, France rips it up hard as an electronic "musician" or so he likes to call. Riviore expands on the heavy 80s electronic scene making excellent vibes he slaps modernity with. He is equally talented in producing his own music and remixing tracks. Judge for yourself with the songs provided. He is currently signed by Ekler' o'shock. You may find some more stuff there if you feel like browsing.

However! If you can get to these listed Canadian cities in the coming days, you may want to seriously check out Danger on his North American tour which is right around the corner. I apologize in advance for the short notice for these Canadian listings. But consider this a personal invitation to the exciting adventure of frantically trying to obtain last minute tickets.

Feb 12 : Montreal : Parking Club
Feb 15 : Toronto : The Drink
Feb 19 : Calgary: Snatch

Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Danger Remix)

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Danger Remix) **

Symbol One - Love Juice (Danger Remix)

Danger - 00h00 (Feat. Vyle)

Having never attended one of his shows, I hear nothing but great things. Props to redthreat for posting a heads up. Apparently the accompanying visual effects he brings with are just unreal as well, which is of course a nice little added bonus. My personal NEW favourite is the Walking On A Dream Remix. It can be a little more aggressive at times and has a sick dropbeat that I really dig about halfway through the track. Enjoy.

I also wanted to say thanks to MEGAPHONE TEETH for leaving his touch on here. We look forward to hearing from him more often, check out his blog for an equally sexy swagger in a different genre.

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