Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miami Horror!

new miami horror, so fresh!

Benjamin Vanguarde, the 21 year-old writer/producer for Miami Horror, has made an incredible impact in the industry this past year. "Music is my life" says Vanguarde in an interview with 0hhcr4pp. "My music is all about creating lasing feeling for its listeners, I think of myself as a composer in which I can create something from anything I feel has a certain power, potential or emotion to it whether it is a chord progression/melody... etc played by me or not it is all about making something special and memorable." With influences from Prince, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, and Abba, Miami Horrors provides an uplifting sound that screams retro 80's vibe. Vanguarde delivers on his message, and his music. Songs such as "Make You Mine" and "Don't Be On With Her" are so sick and should be checked out immediately! The Hype Machine will provide for a solid start.

Embrace ft. Ladyhawke (Fred Falke & Miami Horror remix) - Pnau

And a proper dance floor banger, we had posted the instrumental version a couple days ago, but lets be honest with each other, have a listen and tell me the vocals don't bring the noise, which is a great thing, seriously though, let me quote "on the dance floor is where I'll provide/ shake our hips as we collide"... wow. Anyways, I digress, have a listen and judge for yourself, and if by chance you find yourself shivering with joy and dancing by yourself, find comfort in the fact that while at that moment you may by yourself but exactly the same emotions are being shared across digital borders. mad love.

Make You Mine - Miami Horror

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