Monday, January 19, 2009

The New Music: January, wk. 3

2009 is still early. As new styles and trends will no doubt change and modify the scene over the course of the next year, this section will showcase some of the new weekly favourites that emerge. Already a little behind being in week 3, here are a few new tracks that made an impact over the last week.

Bacardi B-Live Share is a new platform for downloading and sharing music. The platform launches on January 20th including the new release of some brand new remixes from Groove Armada. A release of The Twelves remix to "Drop The Tough" has already been leaked. Based on this track the remaining songs set to be released look very promising. As well, Van She is rumoured to have made contributions to the project.

Drop The Tough [The Twelves B-LIVE Remix] - Groove Armada

sqzmlmns (pronounced 'squeeze my lemons') is a brand new duo hailing from Mexico, emerging from the music scene of San Diego where they should continue to get noticed. I could ramble about how much I enjoy this new track Oakland from saul q and kid wonder but it should do the talking for me. Check their MySpace page for more songs and info.

Oakland - sqzmlmns

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