Saturday, January 17, 2009

Otto's Golden Journey

I like to give recognition when it's due and erger hooked me on this track hard. Otto's Golden Journey (Andy Webb's Dreamy Blend) is a great melodic mix with soothing synth and catchy rhythms. It filled the silent moments driving throughout Ottawa tonight to get dinner with the guys. Nothing crazy- just Harv's, but I'm not sure which tasted sweeter- the burger, or the song. As a result this song came back on my radar when I hit the house. With my heavy bias in mind, I would arguably say that this deserves to be in the 'best of '08' class. Kudos to erger for introducing it, but props to Webb for creating it.

Ottos Golden Journey (Andy Webb`s Dreamy Blend) - The Whitest Boy Alive & Fred Falke vs Mylo vs Cut Copy

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