Thursday, January 29, 2009

MYLO / The Juan Maclean

I heart new music! When I heard about the release of Mylo's new single "I'm Back" I went searching. What I found was pretty much what I expected. Solid gold. BBC Radio One premiered the song under the enclosing statement Mylo used, which was, "I'm Back." As a result the mix took on this name. Therefore, Mylo's "I'm Back," may actually be entitled something completely different. Either way, this new piece from Mylo is sick. If you like what you hear check out Otto's Journey and Drop the Pressure on Hype Machine.

Im Back (New Single/Radio Rip) - Mylo

Now that I have that out of my head. I get to talk about The Juan Maclean. Representing New York he's currently on tour in Europe. His music is real chill. Marcus Worgull capitalized on his stuff by mixing the track "Simple Life." In addition, I've posted some of The Juan Maclean's own stuff. Check out "Give Me Every Little Thing." It's softer yet offers a heavy bass that can't keep you still. Simply put, it's kickass.

Simple Life (Marcus Worgull Remix) - Juan MacLean

Give Me Every Little Thing - The Juan Maclean

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